We are in the business of weaving opportunities.

Our goal is to:

[ 1 ] Help conserve the environment by giving you access to pieces that are ♻️ and made to last.

[ 2 ] Support our community partners by increasing their source of income and by advocating for better working and living conditions. 

[ 3 ] Respect the environment in the way we source our materials and ship our products.

The story behind the weaves

We partner with cooperatives of underprivileged women, based in the Philippines, who collect and disinfected used and discarded materials and transform them into sources of income.


With their vocation in or near their homes, other family members were inspired to get involved. One of the women from the community shared that her husband gave up his card playing addiction, in order to wash collected juice packs for her to weave. There are over 150 families currently involved in different livelihood projects helping to uplift the community. 

How our bags are made

Juice packs are one of the most popular food items in urban areas in the Philippines. They are made of non-biodegradable materials and often end up in landfills. The women of the community found a creative way to recycle them. 

First, they collect used juice packs. They cut them open from the underside, disinfect, and rinse several times over. Next, the juice packs are air dried in sunlight. Material is then sorted by color for the weaving process.

It takes an average of 32 hours to weave one bag. This does not include the sterilizing process.

In recent years, defective sheets from manufacturers have been acquired by the cooperative to avoid having rejects burnt, giving off all kinds of hazardous fumes. 

For modern women

Our pieces are made by women from underprivileged cooperatives. We encourage them to be self-sufficient through meaningful work and regain a sense of purpose. 

Our business model seeks to equilize benefits with our collaborators by providing healthier livelihood opportunities and improved environmental conditions.

Mimmialva is the impassioned creation of buyer and retail insider Amparo Palou.